Common Findings during Home Inspections (Part 1)

Problems That a Reputable Home Inspector May Find While Inspecting a Property

Buying a home is a serious business. Whether it’s a modest fixer-upper or a recently built estate, getting the price down on your future home is of crucial importance. A professional home inspector is your best bet for a thorough home evaluation; however, it’s always good to have a general understanding of what to look out for. Here are some of the most common findings during home inspections.

151558843Grade Sloping Toward the Home
This is one of the most common problems home inspectors find on properties, and unfortunately, it is also one of the most dangerous issues a homeowner can face. Grade sloping toward the home usually leads to foundation cracking, movement, or settlement. Additionally, crawlspaces become wet and walls become damp. Some indication of foundation movement may include floors visibly out of level; doors that have large gaps at the top when are closed; and windows that are out of square.

Stucco Issues
When applied correctly, stucco can last a lifetime. Unfortunately, many installers fail to do a good job when installing stucco. A reputable home inspector is able to recognize the signs of a poor stucco installation and report them in the home inspection contingency. Key Home Inspections LTD is a reputable home inspection service provider in Columbus, OH. If you need a professional service, call us at (614) 254-6351.

For more common problems that inspectors find during their home evaluation processes, please read our next blog post.