Common Findings during Home Inspections (Part 2)

Things to Look for When Undertaking a Home Inspection

In our previous blog post, we spoke about a couple of problems that are pretty common in homes. Although a professional home inspection service provider will be able to find all the problems that a property may present, it’s still good to know what to expect.

461186677Damaged Roofing Materials
Roofs have always been a delicate subject in home inspection contingencies. Lack of maintenance or improper installation can cause a roof to become ineffective in its goal to keep water out of your home interior. Home inspectors usually find damaged shingles, signs of buckling and warping, loss of granulation, etc.

Electrical Wiring
The electrical system plays a crucial role in the safety feature of a home. That is why a home inspection service provider will pay extra attention to the condition of the electrical system. Even the smallest problem will be reported in the contingency report. Exposed electrical wires, open splice wires, and extension cords running from room to room, are only a few examples of common findings.

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