How to Use a Home Inspection Report in Your Advantage

The Many Benefits of Hiring a Professional Home Inspection Service Provider

A home inspection report is the result of a thorough and comprehensive real estate inspection performed by a licensed inspector. The main reason for hiring a home inspection service provider is to reveal any hidden defects that may have not been mentioned in the contract or advertisement. However, once you have a report, there are several things you can do with it:

  • Buyers can choose to withdraw themselves from a contractual agreement based on a home inspection report. Obviously, the report must mention certain defects that have been discovered during inspection and that have never been reported by the seller.
  • Both buyers and sellers can use a home inspection report to notify the contractor about the problems that have to be repaired.
  • Buyers can use a real estate inspection report as a to-do-list for maintaining the property after the purchase.
  • Sellers can choose to hire a home inspection service provider in order to determine the main problems of their property. Using an inspection report, they can hire a contractor to fix all these problems so that the property becomes more desirable on the market.
  • Buyers can use a report to sometimes renegotiate the price for the property, or at least to force the buyer to do the repairs on their expense.
  • Buyers can use a home inspection report to determine the overall condition of the house. This will give them a clue about how much maintenance the house will need in the future. For instance, a home with a 13-year-old furnace or a 20 year-old water heater may require a lot of investment in the future. If the buyer decided that he/she can’t sustain these investments, then they may decide to withdraw themselves from the agreement.

As you can see, a home inspection report can be useful for both the seller and the buyer. So, whether you’re planning to buy or sell, contact Key Home Inspections LTD for a home inspection service. Our office is located in Columbus, OH but you can also call us at (614) 254-6351 if you have any questions.