What Is Involved in a Mold Inspection?

Why Using a Mold Inspection Is So Important When Purchasing a New Property?

Testing for mold is done to search for signs of mold within a building. While this may not always identify what species of mold are present or located, it is used to collate information on mold populations. Some quality agencies will perform mold testing on request or people can order testing via a private lab, which will usually send a representative or kit for people to collect mold samples.

One of the more important things to know when conducting testsĀ is that mold is generally present within every structure. Mold is extremely diverse and not all are harmful. Which is why it is surprising to perform a mold testĀ and find no mold present, so when tests are positive, it does not mean you have a problem. Mold tests will also only offer a sample of a certain point in time. This means all the mold present is not identified and if any toxic mold is present, the testing does not determine if they are emitting any harmful toxins. Which is why having a mold inspector is so important when buying a new home.

Some tests are performed using a handheld sniffer, which will check for spores of specific molds. These are extremely sensitive to specific mold species, which will offer a quick assessment on the kind of mold present. Other testing is collecting samples off of areas where mold has a tendency to grow, including mold colonies which will then be analyzed, in order to properly determine what type of mold is presently growing.

Some people request mold testing because they think mold is causing health problems or they are planning to use the results to pursue legal action against a company or a person. Consumers, however, must be aware that mold testing does vary in scope and quality, and can be a waste of money when testing for mold. If for instance, mold colonies are found within a home, tenants should carefully document the colonies and then speak to their landlord to do something about it. They do not have to perform a mold test if the mold is visible.

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