Try the Services of a Reliable Mold Inspector Near You

Mold is one of the most common and dangerous hazards that could be lurking within your home. Key Home Inspections LTD is the company you can call when you need the services of a reliable mold inspector. Catering to customers in the Columbus, OH area, we are fully licensed and qualified to provide our services.

The mold inspector will need to check several areas in your home. This includes the exterior and interior living space. They will check the areas where moisture accumulates. This includes the basement, crawlspace, pipes, and sinks. Any area that has been exposed to water is a possible growth site for mold. If you’ve had problems with leaky pipes or flooding in your home, calling in the services of a licensed inspector is a good idea.

There are different ways to confirm the presence of mold on the property. The mold inspector might use a handheld device to take an air quality sample. They could also take a bulk sample or a chunk of building material, like drywall, and have it tested for the presence of harmful elements. A swab test is used to determine the presence of fungus.

When mold is left to grow and spread, it can cause numerous health problems for the occupants of the home. Recurring allergies or other respiratory symptoms are a common sign of mold infestation. A damp, musty odor is another great indicator of hidden mold.

For the services of a company that you can trust to do a home inspection, call Key Home Inspections LTD. We are licensed, insured, and fully qualified to perform our service. We cater to customers who live in the Columbus, OH area. We guarantee to provide accurate and honest inspection reports. We have a fast turnover time of 24 hours for our written reports. To learn more about our company and the special discounts we can offer, please give us a call at (614) 254-6351.