The Benefits of a Pre-Listing Home Inspection

Why You Should Hire a Professional Building Inspection Service Provider before You List Your Home for Sale

Approving the houseSelling a property these days is quite difficult. The real estate market has literally frozen since the big financial crisis. Real estate agents are looking for all sort of ways to market their listings and get them to the closing table. It seems that undergoing a pre-listing building inspection service is a very efficient way to advertize your home for sale.

One of the biggest problems in today’s real estate market is not lack of buyers, but the resistance of sellers to sell their home quickly and at the maximum price possible. Most homes in the States have to undergo an inspection after the property is listed, an offer is made, and a contract is written. This approach adds many days, even weeks of delays. Furthermore, after the inspection is completed, the parties have to renegotiate the terms based on the findings. This may also take a while. But, if you hire an inspection service provider before you even list your home for sale, you can speed up the selling process and avoid uncomfortable delays.

These pre-listing inspections performed for the seller are now becoming the main tool for fast tracking the sale. In an up market, sellers often have many other backup offers to consider in case the negotiation with the initial buyer is not possible. But, by providing a thorough and accurate home inspection report before any contract is written, you show that your property has no hidden defects. Of course, the buyer can schedule his/her own inspection if they want. But your initial goal is to take the process to the next step before your potential buyer finds a reason to reconsider their offer.

If you decide to go with a pre-listing building inspection service , then you must make sure you hire a professional building inspection service provider for the job. You want your inspection to be as thorough and accurate as possible. If you reside in Columbus, OH, then you should definitely contact Key Home Inspections LTD. We offer reliable and affordable home inspection services. Call us at (614) 254-6351 for more details.