The Most Common Issues Found During a Home Inspection

Common-Issues-Found-During-a-Home-InspectionAs not all homes are created equal, each inspection report is different. There are so many things that need to be checked out during a detailed home inspection. If you are a seller, this article will help you to correct those flaws before you call a specialist.

  • Electrical issues. A reliable inspector will check all the outlets in a home, as well as the fuse box. He will notice if there are any open junction boxes or amperage mismatches. If you are selling an old house, its electrical system may not work according to the current codes. Outlets that are not grounded, especially in the kitchen and bathroom, are a very serious issue.
  • Plumbing problems. Leaks are the most common problem home inspectors won’t overlook. Leaks around a toilet are a result of a poor-quality plumbing material or a broken seal around it. Another common plumbing blunder is inadequate water pressure or slow drains. Make sure you have a proper drainage system before you call a professional.
  • HVAC system. Buyers will certainly not want to have heating and cooling issues in their new home. Pay special attention to this if you are selling an old house. Check the age of your air conditioner and hire a dependable repair guy if you suspect any problems.
  • Roof. The roof is perhaps one of the most important elements of each home. A damaged roof or one poorly maintained is bad news for the potential buyers. Replacing your roof could be a costly enterprise; however, the expenses might be covered by the money you will receive from selling your property. Curved shingles, and broken or missing flashing are among the most common problems. Do not forget to look at your gutters’ condition.
  • Aged appliances. An expert home inspector will check each of them out very carefully. So, you’d better pick a qualified handyman to fix them if they do not work efficiently.
  • Poor ventilation system. A house with a poor-quality or not working ventilation system is at risk of mold and mildew growth. Ventilation fans could be installed in the interior of a bathroom, attic, or to the exterior of a house. You’d better consider calling a specialist to look at them before an inspection.

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