The Task of a Home Inspector

The-Task-of-a-Home-InspectorBuying a new home is an expensive and serious enterprise. Before there is a solid deal, make sure your future home is professionally-inspected for all sorts of interior and exterior issues. Which is why you need an experienced specialist to provide you with a quality home inspection. What does an inspector examine exactly?

Interior. Starting from your interior, a professional inspector will perform a careful examination of your plumbing system to make sure it operates well. He will check all faucets, sinks, showers, and toilets for leaks, as well as test the water pressure. He will look over all visible pipes and the drain system. If he notices any problems that require major repairs or replacement, he might book a secondary inspection. Afterward, he won’t miss checking the entire electrical system. He will test all outlets and circuits if there is a risk of electrical shock or electrical burns. A reliable inspector will look at your HVAC system as well. He will try to estimate the age of the device and whether it functions properly. Water heater is next. A specialist will determine its age and if it is safely installed and secured. Kitchen appliances will be inspected as well. He will check if each of them is working properly or they experience any malfunctions. A home inspector won’t forget to look at the fireplace for the presence of any hazardous vapor and smoke.

Exterior. It is mandatory to check exterior walls. He will see if there is any damage on them, holes, or cracks that can invite harmful pests. The foundation will be examined too, or at least, the visible part of it. A professional will inspect the grading slope. If the house is not well-graded, it may cause dangerous overall damage. He won’t miss the garage/s. He will test the door and its opening mechanism, ventilation system, and garage framing. The last element to be checked is the roof and chimney. He will make sure the roof of your future home is in tip-top condition. He will examine if any shingles are missing or broken, flashing problems, leaks, etc. An inspector won’t overlook to see if the gutters are clogged. He will check your chimney to make sure it works properly and won’t allow carbon monoxide to enter your house.

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