What to Expect from a Home Inspection Consultant

A home inspector is usually called in to perform a real estate inspection when a property is put up for sale. It is vital to note though that home inspectors are different than building or code inspectors. They are in charge for checking if a certain property is in complete compliance with all building and governing housing codes. While home inspection consultants should and most probably are familiar with all governing codes, they are not, however, responsible for checking the compliance, this is within the written review of the building inspector.

One of the first things that an inspector addresses is the state of the core structure of a property. It means inspecting the foundations for any signs of weakness in the supports. Basements and crawl spaces are checked for any cracks within the walls or the floors, in addition to any symptoms of mold or seepage. If the structure appear sound, the inspector will then move on to all the major systems which provide the utilities to a property.

The next stage of an inspection is normally the heating and cooling systems, in addition to any plumbing and electrical wiring. Gas lines are also inspected for any signs of leaks and the correct installation. The wiring is of special interest to a home inspector due to the fact that electricity operates much of the household appliances and systems. Plumbing is also expected to be in accordance to all the local codes and show no symptoms of breaking down. If a fireplace or wood stove is present, both are checked to make sure they are all in working order and are properly vented.

The inspection consultant then turns their attention to the interior of a property. Which means checking the overall state of all door frames and interior walls to ensure there are no signs of weakness. Ceilings are inspected also to make sure they too are in good condition. Throughout a property, the inspector will look for any safety devices, like smoke detectors.

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